Only a year and a half behind Donald Sensing, the NYT has discovered that the islamofacist terrorists have no plan in Iraq, or really anywhere else in the world. They've got no coherent agenda, no plan to achieve that non-agenda, no leaders, no political presence, and no hope of victory. At least from our perspective.

Counter-insurgency experts are baffled, wondering if the world is seeing the birth of a new kind of insurgency; if, as in China in the 1930's or Vietnam in the 1940's, it is taking insurgents a few years to organize themselves; or if, as some suspect, there is a simpler explanation.

"Instead of saying, 'What's the logic here, we don't see it,' you could speculate, there is no logic here," said Anthony James Joes, a professor of political science at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the author of several books on the history of guerrilla warfare. The attacks now look like "wanton violence," he continued. "And there's a name for these guys: Losers."

"The insurgents are doing everything wrong now," he said. "Or, anyway, I don't understand why they're doing what they're doing."

They're violent psychopaths. What people need to realize is that the islamofacist mindset isn't disciplined or organized like the communist revolutions that we have experience with from the 20th century. Even they don't know how to win or what they're doing, but as Steven Den Beste pointed out in 2003, they don't think they have to.

I agree that bin Laden is a terrible strategist. He unquestionably completely misjudged the American people, for one thing. But I don't agree that he has no plan.

Rather, I think he did have one, and I would have thought that a man of God like Donald would have spotted it: bin Laden's strategy was to get God, or Allah, involved in the war against the infidel. ...

If God is not fighting on their side, it can only be because the Muslims have not been devout enough. It's because they don't follow the most strict interpretations of the Qur'an. It's because they let their women run around with bare faces, and don't pray when they're supposed to, and smoke and drink alcohol and gamble and charge interest on loans and in so many other ways don't actually follow God's dictums. It's because they've been seduced by the evil ways of the West. It's because they've become spiritually corrupted. They do not live as God said they should, and thus God refuses to aid them. They're not worthy of God's aid; God is displeased with them and shows it through inaction. And from this only one conclusion is possible.

It is only by embracing God's true teachings, in every way, that they can once again return to God's grace. If they can prove their spiritual purity and dedication to the cause, God will join the war and start to directly smite the Jews and Americans. Without God's aid, they can never win; but with God's aid they cannot lose. They must purify themselves, and prove to God that they have done so.

So they think, and the NYT would do well to read through the archives of the USS Clueless if they really want to understand what the islamofacists are up to. Apparently a couple of bloggers are still miles ahead of university professors and the mainstream media.

Donald Sensing comments and adds that he responded and believes that Steven Den Beste's conception of the Islamic/religious mentality is slightly mistaken.



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