I went to lunch at Red Robin in the mall today, and half the mall parking lot was cordoned off for valet parking. At. The. Mall. Malls don't need valet parking. Valet parking doesn't create additional parking area unless they stack park the cars, which wasn't happening. In actuality, the vast majority of spots reserved for valet parking were vacant, while hundreds of cars meandered around the lot searching for any other opening.

I hate restaurants with mandatory valet parking, especially when the valet parks your car 20 feet away and then expects you to pay him actual money in exchange for the privilege of having him take his sweet freaking time fetching your car back for you. Screw that. I never ever tip valets unless the valet parking is optional and I choose it myself. Yeah, it's not their fault I hate valet parking, but I don't tip the cop who pulls me over, either.



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