It looks like even leftists are becoming disenchanted with the media. Although the post is about NPR selling out, Michael2 doesn't spare the mainstream media. (The "2" is so that I can refer to him without anyone thinking that I'm discussing myself in the third-person.)

"Daddy knows best" doesn't cut it in my world anymore, Mr. Dvorkin. In fact, as a child of the 1960s, it never really did. I began to lose confidence in my elected officials around 1974. The 2000 and 2004 elections haven't done anything to restore any of that lost confidence. They certainly haven't done anything to impress me with the accuracy, the objectivity, or the reliability of the mainstream media.

I have found, however, that by using the power the internet gives me to seek out news and information from a variety of sources around the nation and literally around the world, I can often cobble together a better and more accurate picture, in less time, and without commercial interruptions to boot, than anything I could hope to see or read or hear from the "professional" journalists at NPR or CBS or The New York Times.

Michael2 doesn't mention any websites that he does trust for news other than Unbossed, to which he contributes. I suspect he doesn't frequent Matt Drudge as often as I do and that he's referring to news sites with a greater leftward lean -- and that's great! I doubt Michael2 and I would agree on much politically, but I'm happy to see that the core leftwing supporters of the "elite" MSM are reconsidering their allegiance. The only demographic that leaves them is the ever-shrinking pool of elderly folks who will consume broadcast and dead tree news till they die.



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