For some reason I've been reading about Antarctica this morning. Did you know that the continent is home to the only land area on earth that isn't claimed by any country? (Even tiny islands?) If I were a country I'd be all over that. Much of the continent is claimed, however, and many of the claims overlap. Fortunately it's covered by ice so there isn't much to fight over, just like Canada but with penguins, i.e., snow chickens. Antarctica is about 40% larger than the United States but has 100% fewer paved highways, which makes it hard to get around except by ski plane -- which still isn't easy.

I couldn't find any bloggers that actually live in (on?) Antarctica, but a student appropriately named Ashley Below blogged her trip to the continent in 2004. Here's a blog-like site called Big Dead Place that has a lot of stories about and interviews with Antarctican people (but isn't maintained by a local, despite popular opinion). Apparently most of the residents are scientists and people who move heavy things around for scientists. Sounds like the perfect setting for a sitcom.

Megan says that Glenn Reynolds was musing about Antarctica two days ago and linked to a blog called 75 Degrees South that's published from the South Pole. Curses.



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