TDS writes about her love and fear of Wal-Mart, and in the comments thread EdWonk lays out the real problem with buying cheap Chinese imports:

I believe in freedom of choice. Wal-Mart is capitalism in its purist form.

When competition is allowed to thrive, the consumer wins.

I'm not at all concerned about Wal-Mart selling products made in Authoritarian China.

What I AM concerned about is the fact that no one in Washington seems willing to enforce the laws that are already on the books when it comes to our trade with China.

China continues to exclude our products, levies large tariffs, allows mass violations of our copyrights and permits the counterfeiting of American products.

Then they manipulate their currency in order to increase their already staggering advantages in labor costs.

The Chinese aren't our friends. Remember when the forced-down our military aircraft a few years ago?

They imprisoned the crew, stripped the plane of its electronics, took it apart, and then made the U.S. crate everything up and ship it home via ship.

And then they sent the federal government a bill.

I realize that China represents a huge economic force. (And an increasing military threat. They now have nuclear weapons pointed at our country.) So I'm not saying that we should ignore China.

But do we really have to continue kissing their collective behinds only to get gas blown in our faces?

Wealth flows downhill, and the theory is that by trading with our enemies we'll make them richer, more free, and thus less likely to endanger us. It didn't work with the Arabs, and now we're having to fight. It's sorta working with our old Cold War enemies, though the collapse of the USSR contributed a lot to our present relationship with her former satellites. We don't try it with Cuba because we're afraid it won't work. It may or may not work with China. The hope is that they become as dependent on the trade imbalance as we are on their cheap plastic crap. The downside is that if we ever have to fight them, they'll be using trillions of our own dollars to wage war against us.



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