Victor Davis Hanson has pretty much the best possible rebuttal to those on the left who despise America for our recent adventures in the Middle East: the policies they advocate got us where we are today. That's not news to anyone who's paying attention, but VDH does a good job of summarizing how the left has morphed into the philosophy of stability and tyranny while the right has abandoned "realism" now that it no longer appears necessary.

The real underlying current that must be understood is that the left cares more about wielding power than about doing good. In their minds -- and as laid out by Karl Marx -- the good that will ultimately be brought about by leftists when they take control is worth any and every amount of evil in the present. He wrote, "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism." Replace "socialism" with "Islam" and perhaps it becomes clear why the formerly liberal left has been so quick to jump into bed with America's enemies.

(HT: Glenn Reynolds.)



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