... or so says Blockbuster. Unfortunately, when I went to rent some videos none of the employees could actually explain what this meant. So I can keep movies as long as I want? Uh, sure. And I'll never have to pay late fees? Right!

The only thing they neglected to mention is that if you don't return the movie within a week, they convert the rental into a sale. That's right... there's no more late fees because if you don't return the videos they just sell them to you automatically and charge your credit card. What the heck? You can "return" them if you see the charges quick enough, but then you still have to pay a "restocking fee". So, that's a late fee, right? No, it's just to pay for restocking. But You have to pay it if you return the videos late, so it's just another type of late fee. No, not at all.

Whatever. Screw you, Blockbuster.

The actual "end of late fees" terms.

Update 2:
Wow, state attorneys general are investigating Blockbuster for fraud. It looks like I wasn't the only one deceived by this ad campaign. (HT: DeoDuce.)

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