How about this: I'll let women be the moral authorities on abortion when they shut up and let men decide who we go to war with. What? No takers? Then how about if we all agree that uteruses don't impart any special insight into abortion that men lack. By extension, the opinions of senators who are "mothers of daughters" are worth no more than those of their merely male colleagues. In fact, based on the women senators I know of (a very small and unrepresentative sample of the general female population, to be sure) motherhood appears to yield opinions that are simplistic and incoherent, rather than insightful. As Illuminaria points out in her brutal fisking, the most pitiful thing is that Susan Paynter thinks that allowing pharmicists the "right to refuse service" is itself a form of government intrusion.

Poking that allows disapproving pharmacists to override us and our doctors when it comes to the filling or refusing of ordinary, everyday birth control prescriptions.

My God, the humanity! Imagine the government poking into our private lives by allowing pharmacists and health care workers to act according to the dictates of their own conscience. Why they should be not poking into private lives by forcing them to do what the government deems right. Excuse me while I faint from horror.....

Anyway, I think it's sad that there are so few rational female voices in politics. There are plenty of canny female commentators, but just about every woman that runs for office is a loon. Maybe that's part of why I'm so leery at the prospect of having a female president.



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