The majority of college students are women -- as are the number of bachelor's and master's degree recipients (bachelorette's and mistress'?). Why? I can only speculate, but I'd guess that it has a lot to do with the feminization of education at the primary and secondary levels. All the way through high school, kids these days are taught that having high self-esteem is more important than actually learning and performing.

Even though men still dominate universities (and earn the majority of doctorate degrees), the public education of children is run by women. Not just teachers and principals, but mothers -- who are often raising children alone, or practically so with fathers who can't be bothered. This story doesn't say so (and indeed the bewildered principal is a woman) but does anyone have any doubt that the "parents" who said grading with red ink is "stressful" were mothers?

Society would benefit if men got more involved in raising their kids. Divorce is a huge obstacle, but even in two-parent families the men are often distant from the child-rearing process.

(HT: Glenn Reynolds and Fark.)

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