WorldNetDaily has an exclusive report with pictures of ACLU "legal observers" smoking pot while supposedly keeping an eye on the Minutemen patrolling our southern border.

Volunteers with the Minuteman Project in Arizona say "legal observers" sent by the ACLU to monitor the citizen border patrol have been seen smoking marijuana in violation of the law.

Photographs were posted on the website of the South East Arizona Republican Club after Minuteman participants reported they saw, and smelled, the ACLU workers smoking pot.

Eleanor Eisenberg, executive director of the ACLU of Arizona, did not respond to a request for comment given to her assistant by WorldNetDaily.

The article doesn't say if Miss Eisenberg couldn't respond because she was incapacitated by marijuana. There's also no explanation of why the "legal observers" are aiding border crossers and trying to provoke the Minutemen into fights.

Grey Deacon told Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated "WorldNetDaily RadioActive" audience Friday that ACLU monitors sent to the border to watch Minuteman activity and report civil-liberties abuses to authorities have begun flashing lights, sounding horns and warning off illegals and their "coyote" human smugglers from entering territory patrolled by the volunteers.

"They are actively engaging in criminal activity," said Deacon. ...

[One volunteer said,] "They pushed one of the Minutemen the other night trying to get him to push back. Didn't work. Then last night they walked up and shined a spotlight right in a Minuteman's face from six inches or so away. Didn't work that time either. We immediately report these types of contacts with them to the sheriff to counter any claims they try to make against us. They should be called the UCLU (Un-American Civil Lawsuit Union)."

The left is a bunch of whiny infant cry-babies, whereas the right is made up of solid men and women who will bear any burden for their fellow countrymen. The contrast couldn't be any clearer, and it should be embarrassing to any leftist who takes himself seriously. Maybe it is, which is why you won't see this kind of stuff reported in the mainstream media.

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