Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz may be the American nominee for the presidency of the World Bank, and I think he'd be an excellent candidate. He's worked tirelessly for years in the international arena on behalf of America, and he's a key architect of our new democracy-spreading agenda. As I've written before about the follies of foreign aid, we need to use our aid money to further our own interests, not just to line the pockets of tyrannical dictators.

Leadership of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is decided by all the shareholders in the institutions. But the US and Europe in effect divide up the top jobs, with an American heading the bank and a European running the fund. ...

European officials point to the dispute over Caio Koch-Weser a candidate for the IMF post favoured by Europe but blocked by the US as setting a precedent that could see them veto the US nominee. Developing countries have also demanded a greater say in the selection.

Of course "developing nations" want a greater say, because they're the recipients of the aid. In my opinion, they shouldn't be included in the decision at all. The leaders of most "developing nations" are thugs and criminals who hold their people in thrall through brute force, and our aid policy should be designed to reduce their strangleholds, not strengthen them.



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