I've written before that Hillary is unelectable due to her incredibly high negatives among conservatives, but I also was one of the first to say that the adoration she enjoys from the far left will enable her to take moderate positions that no other Democrat could get away with. If Hillary wants to win in 2008 she doesn't need to win over a huge number of Republicans, she just needs to lower her negatives so that the right doesn't turn out in droves just to vote against her.

Another Republican, Representative Peter T. King of Nassau County, struck a similar note in recent interview. He described Mrs. Clinton as a celebrity senator who is willing to take a subordinate role on an issue she cares about, rather than allowing her involvement to become a distraction.

For instance, Mr. King recalled an occasion when Mrs. Clinton suggested that he find another senator to be a co-sponsor of legislation that would benefit New York, because she figured that her presence on the bill would fire up the opposition. "There are very few politicians in public life who have the composure to step back, knowing that they will win in the end," he said.

Mr. King also said that Mrs. Clinton had been anything but the liberal extremist that her conservative critics accused her of being. "I'm not going to vote for her and probably disagree with her on 70 percent of the issues," he said. "But I think that too many Republicans who criticize Hillary Clinton sound like Michael Moore criticizing George Bush."

The New York Times article couldn't have been better framed if Hillary had written it herself. Will she be able to completely reinvent her leftist-lunatic persona over the next few years without losing the love of the other leftist lunatics? If so, then it'll be the Republicans sounding like hate-machines in 2008, just like the Dems did in 2000 and 2004.

This sort of thing doesn't seem likely to help her chances.



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