I've been researching home security products for a little while now, and I've found a few nifty devices that appear to rather useful. I'm making some purchases and I hope to report back in a few days. I don't want to give away all my tricks, but two of the most interesting products are both cheap and easy to install, and I think they'll be effective at deterring criminals as well.

The first is the Keep-I volumetric air pressure alarm.

Keep-I monitors air pressure. If any change occurs, such as a criminal opening a door or window, the alarm sounds. When the device is set to fine recognition mode, a simple touch on your door handle will trigger the 95 decibal alarm. Within the space protected by the Keep-I, you can move about freely, your kids can play and your pets can run around. This alarm allows you to live your life while still protecting yourself and those you love, giving this high tech system great practical advantages over infra-red and motion detecting alternatives.

Sounds pretty cool, and it's portable.

Then there are these simple magnetic door and window alarms that can be easily mounted onto any entrance.

Door Alarm provides several alternatives to keeping your household, children, displays etc. safe and sound. Uses 3 1.5V LR44 batteries (included) with replacemnt easily available. Use as an alarm system to sound a 90dB siren when anyone opens a door or window you want protected.

I particularly like the note near the end:

Use it to keep kids out of cupboards, drawers or rooms. Get notified if grandpa leaves his room unattended.

90dB isn't incredibly loud, but it'll sure wake you up if you're asleep across the house and it'll probably wake up your neighbors too. And they're cheap enough to cover every door and window in your house for under $50.



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