It's almost Easter, the time of year we remember all the poor bunnies and chickies who gave their lives for some of the best candy ever! Why does egg-shaped candy taste so good? No one knows.

The king of all egg-shaped candy is of course the Cadbury Creme Egg, shown here in its pope-mobile-style conveyance.

CCE's are top-of-the-line Easter candy, and everyone loves their cremey (?) goo and thick chocolate shell. Warning: eating more than a dozen per day may lead to illness or weight gain, so if you eat that many be sure to cut out all other food from your diet.

The prince of egg candy is the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.

They're better than peanut butter cups because the egg geometry allows for a higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio than can possibly be achieved with the traditional cup shape.

Next up is the Zachary "real chocolate marshmallow eggs" crate. They're so top secret that they don't have a website, and they hide their delicious product inside what appear to be real egg cartons.

The thin chocolate shell surrounds a delectable marshmallow interior, and I particularly enjoy refrigerating them before consumption.

Finally, the most highly-trained and deadly candy of the Easter season... that's right, Peeps. (They aren't strictly shaped like eggs, but whatever.)

One look into their dead, dead eyes is enough to scare most men witless, which is why I always bite their heads off first. After that, they're mostly harmless... right? Wrong! Extensive Peep research has shown that even headless Peeps are nearly indestructible and more than a match for any mere mammal. It is highly advised that Peeps be completely consumed and thoroughly chewed and swallowed rather than left unattended for any great length of time.



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