Good thing these helpless Florida dolphins don't have husbands that want them dead.

Dozens of volunteers toiled through a chilly night Thursday to tend to the 60 dolphins remaining from a group that stranded off the Middle Keys, using small boats to ferry some to a makeshift pen that has become the marine mammal equivalent of a triage ward.

By afternoon, six dolphins had died and 14 were still in painstaking transit, as U.S. Coast Guard personnel, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers and others helped move the listless animals one by one from offshore flats to safety.

Volunteers in wet suits used feeding tubes to hydrate the most vulnerable and fed fish to those able to swim, their dorsal fins affixed with red tags and numbers.

But what about their right to die?! Maybe these dolphins were trying to commit suicide by stranding themselves. Who are we to play God?

(HT: James Caulfield.)



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