Well, they're not exactly what you may think, but chastity-branded products still strike me as a little odd. Not that I'm not intrigued by the idea, but... am I intrigued because I find them sexy?

Underwear. It can say "I'm sexy." It can say "I'm confident." But can it say "I'm waiting for marriage?"

That's what Yvette Thomas is banking on. Her growing line of clothing, WaitWear, plasters slogans like "Virginity Lane: Exit When Married" and "Notice: No Trespassing On This Property. My Father Is Watching" on underwear and T-shirts, and is meant to inspire young people to abstain from sex until they tie the knot.

Some of the slogans are pretty cheesy, but it's true that teens are more likely to stick with the tough decision to be chaste if they can share that identification with others who agree. Clothes like these (maybe not the thong underwear, but the t-shirts anyway) can be an integral part of forming a group identity, and it's easier to maintain life decisions when you have the support of others.



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