It shouldn't be a surprise that the party that benefits most from fraudulent voting is now pushing to make voter fraud even easier.

A bill proposed by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., would enable anyone to register to vote on election day and cast a ballot without a photo ID, proof of citizenship or other personal identification.

Clinton calls the Count Every Vote Act of 2005 "critical to restoring America's faith in our voting system," but critics see it as an open door to fraud.

In the wake of all the voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats over the past two election cycles, is it any wonder that Hillary wants pass laws to eliminate the evidence?

I'd prefer going in the opposite direction. If you want to vote, you should have to register in advance, not at the polling place. You should get a voting ticket mailed to you, and you can only vote when you turn it in; if you lose your ticket, too bad. Then we ink your thumb just to make sure.

But then Democrats wouldn't be able to win elections, so....

(HT: DeoDuce.)



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