Everyone's favorite Olympic event, Women's Mud Wrestling, serves as yet another illustration of why it may be unwise to allow women to serve with men in the armed forces. Of course, this was a reserve unit of military police, not a regular infantry unit, but the break-down in discipine was clearly sexual.

In front of a cheering male audience, two young women wearing only bras and panties throw themselves into a mud-filled plastic kiddie pool and roll around in a wild wrestling match. ...

The photos were taken in Camp Bucca, the military prison at Umm Qasr in the hot sands of southern Iraq near the Kuwaiti border.

The women are not coeds but military policewomen who had left their uniforms in a pile not far off.

The men are soldiers, too. Most of them wore T-shirts emblazoned with Army logos, but at least one was still wearing his uniform.

It's not really a big deal, except that it happened in our military while stationed abroad. The only reason it didn't happen in a regular infantry unit is because such units don't have women.

Two sergeants, she said, told her "they had been lending out their room for soldiers to have sex" - a serious infraction of military regulations.

One female soldier, a prison guard with the 160th Military Police Battalion, was photographed baring her breast and showing off her thong panties.

The picture apparently was taken in the room of one of those sergeants, an investigator reported.

The witness told investigators that two high-ranking noncommissioned officers, a first sergeant and a master sergeant, were present. She "noted that these NCOs had been drinking and were noticeably drunk," the report said.

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse is all too common in the military, but there's no doubt that the presence of women exacerbated the problem and contributed it to its excess. Men don't start mud wrestling matches when there's only men around, trust me.

"She took off her uniform and joined the other female soldiers that were wrestling," the report says. But "once soldiers started asking for the females to expose themselves [she and two of the other wrestlers] put their uniforms back on and left the area."

But at least one woman was not deterred.

Deanna Allen, a 19-year-old prison guard with the 105th MP Battalion, smiled and lifted her T-shirt. Photos show a man standing close to her and leering at her breasts while another G.I. snaps pictures.

"From what I understand they dared her to do it," said Allen's grandmother, Luci Tomlin, in Black Mountain, N.C. "It was a loose moment. She is a strong-headed young lady. Sometimes she can be a little irrational."

We can all be a little irrational sometimes, but these incidents not only make everyone look bad, they're bad for morale and end up hurting our military's performance -- endangering their lives and, ultimately, our own.



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