I only go grocery shopping a few times a year, and I'm not generally loyal to any particular store -- I just go wherever is closest. Today, though, I went to the local Vons and was really surprised by how nice it was.

First off, they were having an amazing sale on lots of products that I buy, such as soup, crackers, and frozen vegetables. Instead of the regular $2.99+ per item they were $1 each, and labeled as "10 for $10!" Now, you didn't have to buy 10 to get the special price, but I took it as a challenge and bought 10 of all sorts of things. Nifty.

Secondly, the employees were very courteous and helpful. They all called me "sir", which is as it should be, considering that I'm a Vons Club member! Word. Plus, there was a girl stationed at the front of the checkout aisles who directed me towards the shortest line; I only waited about 30 seconds before the manager opened a new lane just for me and let me get out in a hurry. Sweet.

In the end, I got $175 worth of groceries for $100, so I feel pretty satisfied.



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