Eh, who cares. The only nominated movie I saw was The Aviator, and it didn't win. Chris Rock was as amusing as could be reasonably expected, though his harangue against Bush was pretty petty and ignorant. The highlights were Al Pachino and Dustin Hoffman, who were both clearly drunk when they presented their awards... in my opinion.

Also, what was up with the hoards of empty seats? Aren't there supposed to be "seat filler" people to jump in? There were vacancies all along the floor and up in the balcony too.

Update 2:
Imagine how cool the Academy Awards would be if they were hosted by Conan O'Brien! They could have Triumph, and Arnold and Bill, and the Masturbating Bear, and In The Year 2000, and it would be hilarious. Holy crap, I can hardly contain my laughter, just thinking about it.



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