I'd like to get some suggestions for my PhD project. In short, I've got a bunch of creatures, organized into tribes, that can use signals to command each other. The creatures can only understand commands from other members of their tribes. Part of my experiment is to determine what kinds of social structures are most efficient, and in this case I'm trying out various obedience criterias.

For example, in structure type A, every creature obeys every command it hears, no matter which other creature in its tribe is giving the command. In type B, creatures only obey commands given by those who are older. In type C, creatures obey commands from those who are healthier. In type D, creatures test the commands against their own preferences before deciding whether or not to obey. I've got some more ideas, but I'd love to get some suggestions from you guys. Just assume that the creatures can use whatever criteria or knowledge you think is important, because if I don't have the capability for already I can add it.



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