There's more to compensation than just a salary. Here's a set of things I like to find out from companies that offer me jobs.

- Does the company do results/profit sharing? Is there another kind of bonus structure? How are bonuses calculated and when are they handed out? As a new hire, have I missed the bonus cycle for this year?

- Do you offer a signing bonus? (Particularly important if I've missed the regular bonus cycle for the year.)

- Will you automatically re-evaluate my salary once I complete my degree? How much will it be bumped up?

- What types of benefits do you offer, and what is the employee contribution?

- How much vacation do I get? Sick leave? What about holidays? What about taking unpaid leave?

- Does the company pay tuition for employees that are still in school?

- How flexible is the company with hours? Can I work overtime some days to take another day off?

- Will I need to get a security clearance? Will a polygraph be required? How often?

- Does the company pay overtime? How many hours will I be expected to work each week for my base salary?

- Does the company offer training or classes to further my education? Will the company pay for me to earn certifications?

- Will I be expected to travel for business? How often? Where?

- Who will I be reporting to? Who will manage me, and who will handle my HR issues?

- What is my commitment to the position? Will I be able to apply for transfers within the company? After how long? What are my opportunities for advancement?



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