It's not particularly surprising to me that a high-ranking official in Mexican President Vicente Fox's government was working for Mexico's drug cartels. I'd only be amazed to discover that his arrest was prompted by his discovery, rather than being motivated by a desire to cover even darker criminal activities.

A senior aide to Mexican President Vicente Fox has been arrested on suspicion of leaking information to drug traffickers.

Attorney General Rafael Macedo said it was thought the aide, Nahum Acosta, may have divulged Mr Fox's travel plans.

Mr Acosta was a senior member of the team that organises Mr Fox's official trips, Mr Macedo said.

Mexico is a poor, third world nation, and its government institutions are horribly corrupt. As long as we keep our common border porous, we're facilitating the corruption and oppression of the Mexican people. If we want to really help Mexico, we must stop allowing them to export the consequences of their institutional failings to America; only then will there be incentive for them to oust the crime lords who rule their country.



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