Lianne Hart writes about the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor, and it sounds pretty awesome.

HOUSTON — Do not mistake the Trans-Texas Corridor for a mere superhighway.

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As imagined by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the $175-billion project will be a transportation behemoth of mind-boggling proportions: 4,000 miles of mostly toll lanes perhaps a quarter-mile wide, capable of carrying cars, trucks, and high-speed freight and commuter trains.

There would be room underground for oil, water, electric and gas pipelines, and the whole works would be built largely with private money.

I've got concerns about the state using eminent domain to buy private land on the cheap to then lease to commercial interests along the corridor. Since everything is being built with private money -- in theory -- why not let the private corporations buy land at the going rate? Still though, as long as the prices paid are better than fair, I don't have a real problem with the proposal as it's described.

One of the key ideas appears to be that the corridors will bypass major urban areas, and allow city-bound traffic to use existing intersecting highways to reach their destinations. I can envision a whole network of corridors spanning the country, even the hemisphere, and it's great to see Texas advancing this type of super project.

Of course the environmentalists won't like it because they want us all to ride trains and bicycles, but whatever. Building all that new infrastructure could provide a good excuse for introducing hydrogen refueling stations and vast expanses of solar cells.



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