Righties take note: the liberal left is preparing to redouble their efforts yet again, after previously redoubling their efforts at least 37 times! That's 274877906944 times the effort! Writes Kos crony Armando:

We have just completed a year where most of us, I imagine, have given more of ourselves to effect political change than we ever have before. I know that was true for me, financially and intellectually. And we did not meet our goals. But as the editorial aptly states -- our World, our Nation, our Citizens, our Families, simply require that we redouble our efforts.

And to start the New Year in particularly cliched, but for me sincere, fashion - remember the refrain from the spiritual - "A change is gonna come."

Thankfully the left didn't meet it's goals, and that is the change that was long in coming. My hope for the new year is that the tsunami windshield-wiper of liberty continues to sweep away the crusty remnants of 20th-century tyranny, and that the so-called "liberals" don't muster up enough fear and fantasy to prevent it.



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