Xrlq vindicates my April, 2003, prediction that John Kerry's election defeat would be hailed as a victory due to "beating the spead".

I believe that 9/11 was the central deciding issue in this race. And the tape – we were rising in the polls up until the last day when the tape appeared. We flat-lined the day the tape appeared and went down on Monday. I think it had an impact. But 9/11, you know, it’s a very difficult hurdle when a country is at war. I applauded the president’s leadership in the days immediately afterwards. I thought he did a good job in that, and he obviously connected to the American people in those immediate days. When a country is at war and in the wake of 9/11, it’s very difficult to shift horses in midstream. I think it’s remarkable we came as close as we did as a campaign. Many Republicans say we beat their models by four or five points as to what they thought we could achieve.

Actually though, he didn't beat the spread I got on Tradesports -- I ended up quadrupling my money by betting against him on election day.



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