Baldilocks writes that she feels sorry for Mrs. Kerry.

It might seem a bit presumptuous for a woman who has had to occasionally “bleg” to feel sorry for a billionaire, but I do feel sorry for Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Her first husband, Senator John Heinz, died a fiery, horrifying death. It’s very obvious that she loved the guy.

Her late husband’s friend, Senator John Kerry, comes to her emotional rescue and marries her, but he’s not the man her husband was. Then her second husband does something that—from appearances—she really doesn’t want him to do: run for president.

In that run, Mrs. Kerry has to be constantly inundated with the reminder of what she has lost, personified by her husband’s opponent and his wife: a man and a woman who obviously love each other.

My own thoughts aren't directly related, but living in Los Angeles I know a large number of leftists, and in my experience the farther left someone is the more bitterness, anger, and regret they've got shashed away. Maybe my sample size is small, maybe leftists just reveal more angst, and maybe I'm biased, but I think a general perusal of the present election cycle will support my thesis. (And many others have taken the same position.) I know few leftists would appreciate my pity -- so I won't offer it -- but I do wish them all the best, and all the happiness this world can provide.



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