I super-duper hate pigeons. They're basically rats with wings. Unfortunately for Woodridge, New Jersey, crazy-lady Ania Nowak loves "all feathered critters".

They fly in every day by the hundreds, crowding power lines and rooftops, dropping feathers, waiting for their next meal.

They are pigeons (search). And for four years they have not gone hungry, thanks to Ania Nowak and her mother, who pour birdseed by the bucketful into a fountain-sized feeder every day outside their Woodridge, N.J. (search), home. ...

Neighbors who'd like to barbecue in their backyards say the chubby birds are raining — literally — on their parade.

"Very bad, very bad, very bad," said Sansevere of the Category 3 storm of pigeon poop that she and her neighbors are regularly forced to duck. "My grandson got it on his arm, my granddaughter got it on her face two weeks ago ... all over her face and hair. I can't take this no more, I can't."

Nowak says town law entitles her to a single birdfeeder. But neighbors complain that the hundreds of pigeons she draws soil their yards, roofs and sidewalks, creating a health hazard.

"It's a known fact they cause disease and germs and everything else, and it's not like they're contained to her area," said neighbor Rich Amberg. "They are loose throughout the whole neighborhood here." ...

"It has nothing to do with birdfeed," Nowak said. "I'm not stopping because I stand up for my rights. It's a matter of principle. It's a matter of my constitutional right to have one birdfeeder."

If the government won't help, can't somebody call the mafia?



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