There's been a lot of chatter in the 'sphere about Senator Mark Dayton closing his Washington DC office, particularly from the guys at Power Line who deride the Senator as a coward despite his explanation of the situation. Mr. Dayton writes:

My concern was not about my own safety. I accept whatever risks come with the job I was elected to do. Whenever the Senate has been in session, I have been in Washington and my office has been open. When the Senate returns to session after the election, I will be back at the Capitol.

For now, however, the Senate itself is closed. I considered it irresponsible and immoral for me to return to the relative safety of Minnesota and leave my Washington staff exposed to unacceptable risks, of which I was aware and they were not.

Some have said, from their own safety far away from Washington, that my action sends the wrong "message." My staff are not "messages." They are real people, named Jack, Chris, Laura, Demian and Delta. Most of them are young, and many are the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Minnesotans. Their lives are precious, and they are my responsibility.

That sounds pretty reasonable to me. The Senate could have stayed in session, but decided not to, so the senators went home. Why is it terrible or cowardly for their offices to close?



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