I think that killing someone for monetary gain or for the sake of convenience is an abhorent practice. I am opposed to the strong killing the weak on a whim, and I'm strongly in favor of finding alternatives to such violence. But I think sending a killer or his hitman to jail is the wrong remedy.

As a citizen and a lifelong member of the Christian faith, I will do everything in my power to persuade others that convenience-killing is wrong because I am firmly convinced that persuasion, not legal action, is the only proper and the only truly effective way to limit such killing.

I am unalterably opposed to killing on demand. This is a battle over human life. It must be won the only way it can ever be won, by persuading people who are considering killing others that the taking of human life is terribly wrong. Although I am personally opposed to killing, I reject the idea that killing can successfully be outlawed entirely -- but I believe it must be made rare by persuasion rather than by trying to impose criminal penalties.

Or something like that.

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