What is your perception of divorce? In response to my post about John Kerry's divorce, commenter Jill wrote:

Wake up....think....now do it again. Divorce is not a brand of dishonor, or a failure, or a smear or even a mistake. It is two people who make a smart decision to part ways once it is clear they don't like/love/care/whatever about each other any longer. Nobody knows what goes on between two friends, two married people, a child & a parent, etc. Don't base any judgements concerning a serious contemplation of who you want to be the next president on information you have no access to, nor should you. Further, the term "separation" means you live your life alone, date, and either return to your original marriage or remarry or remain single. It's just that simple.
If two people swear oaths to stay married and together for the rest of their lives and then don't do it, it is a fact that they have failed. Also, what's interesting and what most people may not realize is that marriage vows are not normally made to each other, but to God and to the assembled witnesses; thus, even if both husband and wife want to split, they don't have the authority to release each other from their vows. Breaking vows is dishonorable by definition.

In the Bible God does lay out a few circumstances in which he permits -- but does not encourage -- divorce, but the criteria is not "once it is clear they don't like/love/care/whatever about each other any longer", whatever that means. Marriage shouldn't be based on emotion, which is fleeting, but on love and committment that surpasses mere externalities.



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