Two interesting pieces that illustrate how John Kerry's presidential campaign is dragging the media down with it. First, Kerry Spot has a source inside the Bush campaign who says that the President, with regards to the 380 tons of explosives story, is going to present America with a choice:

The campaign is going to avoid the Russian angle and go with the straightforward, “As the facts mount in this story, American people have a choice between believing Kerry-NYTimes-CBS or believing Bush and the Troops.”
Secondly, Dick Morris makes the connection Mike Wallace wanted to avoid at all costs and links "60 Minutes" with "60 Minutes 2" (starring Dan Rather).
Beyond our inability to determine the truth of the Times story lies the sense of dirty tricks that comes from a last-minute journalistic accusation — made even more heinous by the CBS News' now-exposed plan to break the story 48 hours before the polls opened on "60 Minutes." Voters will easily recall how the same show fell for forged anti-Bush documents and tried to palm them off on us just last month.
"60 Minutes 2" is the show that fell for the forged documents, and Mr. Wallace -- host of "60 Minutes [1]" didn't want to get entangled in that debacle... too bad I guess.

(HT: Power Line.)



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