Here's another example of an un-careful statement by John Kerry coming back to bite him.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Last summer, John F. Kerry refused to cross a police picket line and address the US Conference of Mayors meeting in Boston. Last night he rode in a motorcade that crossed two Florida police picket lines en route to a get-out-the-vote rally in vote-rich Orlando. ...

One of the pickets, Officer Paul Bruning, said the union notified Democratic officials in Miami last week of its plans to picket Kerry both at Orlando International Airport and at the Barnett Park Recreation Center.

''It's not against John Kerry; it's our mayor that's treating us poorly," Bruning said. ''Boston police were at an impasse for two years, and after he refused to cross, they had a contract in two weeks."

On June 26, the day before he had been scheduled to address the mayors' conference, Kerry told the Globe: ''I don't cross picket lines. I never have." Nearly a month later, on July 22, a state-appointed arbitrator settled the dispute by awarding the Boston officers a 14.5 percent raise over four years.

It's not like I care about picketers in general -- I cross picket lines at every opportunity -- but couldn't John Kerry at least attempt to live up to the positions he claims to hold? Note also that this article is from the Boston Globe, one of the most Kerry-friendly papers in the known universe.

Clayton Cramer writes a bit about the violent history of labor unions, which is part of why I have very little sympathy for union workers.



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