I can't find a "neutral" article on California SB1313... just numerous pieces labeling it the "Pedophile Protection Act", which sounds pretty accurate to me. WorldNetDaily explains the effect of the recently passed bill (and signed today (I think) by Governor Arnold, though I can't find a news story):

Under existing criminal law, anyone who regularly comes into contact with children is required to report an instance in which there is reason to believe a child has been molested or abused, Ackerman points out.

Typical mandatory reporters include pastors, priests, church volunteers, teachers, school volunteers, and medical personnel.

But the bill, SB1313, would eliminate mandatory reporting for anyone who can be characterized as a "volunteer."

That means a Sunday school teacher, for example, would not be required to report her knowledge of a pastor's molestation of children.

Critics say the bill also eliminates mandatory reporting in cases where children are having sex with each other, and severe emotional abuse may no longer be a reportable event at all.

Sounds like a bad idea to me. Meanwhile, amidst all the justified outrage aimed at the Catholic Church for harboring child abusers,
Ackerman, while working for the United States Justice Foundation, persuaded the California Attorney General's office to issue a written opinion to the California Medical Board that affirmed the requirement of reporting for anyone who comes into regular contact with children as part of professional duties.

The report, following a petition by more than 10,000 people, presented evidence that Planned Parenthood had seen over 30,000 children in California, but not one instance of reporting to law enforcement could be found.

Planned Parenthood is an evil organization.



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