I'm still around, it's just been a crazy couple of days. Work is really busy, and I've been trying to leave early because there are tons of errands to run to prepare for my annual Halloween haunted house. Believe it or not, every Home Depot in the western US is out of the black plastic sheeting I need to build the walls of the maze... apparently they shipped it all to Florida because of the hurricanes. Fortunately I've found another supplier, and I'll spend most of this evening trying to make that acquisition.

Last night was beautiful. We got a dozen or so feet of rain and I sat at home reading about vampires, playing Evil Genius, and talking on the phone. EG is really fun so far; it's similar to Dungeon Keeper, except that you get to send your evil minions out into the world to wreak havoc, steal money, and execute nefarious schemes. Meanwhile, you build an underground island fortress to defend yourself from the various secret agents the world governments send after you. The perfect game for a Republican.

I've got a few things to write about, but I don't really think I can contribute much to the political discussions beyond making easy observations that other, more popular writers are already making. I'm on pins and needles over the election, and I'm planning to spend Election Eve at a Bear Flag League party in Westchester. I've never been to an election party before; this is the first Presidential election that's happened since my church moved our kids' program off of Tuesday nights, and I'd been working there for years and years. It's all very exciting, and I'm really looking forward to the price of oil dropping and the market improving once the votes are finally tallied (whenever that is).



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