PLO Terrorist-in-Chief Yasser Arafat has left Israel for medical treatment in Paris (where else?).

It will be the first time that Mr Arafat will have left his compound in Ramallah in nearly three years.

Israeli officials had already confirmed that Mr Arafat would be allowed to travel overseas to receive treatment.

Israel has never prevented Arafat from leaving Ramallah, they've just said that if he leaves the country he won't ever be allowed to return. This statement doesn't indicate to me that their position has changed, and if Arafat survives I doubt Israel will let him back in. It would probably be best for Israel and the Palestinians for Arafat to die.

For a first-hand description of Arafat's predation on the Palestinians, read this account by Issam Abu Issa, founder of the Palestinian International Bank. (HT: Power Line.)

Update 2:
Apparently Israel has promised to let Arafat return.



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