Prosecutor and fellow Bear-Flagger Patrick Frey has written an excellent op-ed advocating a vote of "no" on California Proposition 66. It's a bit graphic, so don't read any further if you've got a weak stomach -- nevertheless, the graphic descriptions are necessary for understanding the incredible seriousness of the issue.

Proposition 66, the initiative to modify the Three Strikes law, is named the "Three Strikes and Child Protection Act of 2004." This name is bitterly ironic, as the proposition will seriously jeopardize public safety, including the safety of children. It will release many hard-core, lifelong violent criminals, including some of the worst inmates in California's prison system.

For example, Joseph Noble is a sexual predator with a 26-year criminal history of sexual offenses against young girls. In a typical case, Noble tried to force a seven-year-old girl to orally copulate him, and then choked her until she lost consciousness. He told police that he had fantasized about raping and murdering two-year-old girls. He once wrote a private note, found by sheriff's deputies, which said:

I have an incredible lust for young, tiny, innocent virgins. Sadistically raping or sodomizing a beautiful young girl gives me incredible pleasure. Their screams of agony are music to my ears, as I brutally mutilate their undeveloped tiny genitals for hours at a time.
Noble is currently serving 25-to-life for indecent exposure. At his trial, he admitted that he still has violent sexual fantasies about children, saying, "on a magnitude of evil, [masturbating in front of others] is nothing compared to what I'm capable of." The judge who sentenced him said that Noble "has all but promised he is going to re-offend." But if Proposition 66 passes, Noble's 25-to-life sentence will be converted into a three-year sentence, which he has already served.
Mr. Frey also explains that the proposition is being bankrolled by a millionaire named Jerry Keenan for the primary purpose of freeing his son Richard.



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