I'm not sure how much to believe, but this Mainichi Daily News article about abortion in Japan is enough to make me sick.

It is common knowledge that abortion has long been one of the most popular forms of birth control in Japan, largely because it's such an enormous money-spinner for those who perform the procedure that they have fought tooth-and-nail to prevent proliferation of alternative means. ...

With abortion so common, there's a thriving business in the disposal of the trade's waste products, not to mention the fabulous amounts of money spent on buying absolutions or offering prayers at the numerous temples devoted to mizuko, the name the Japanese give to aborted babies that translates literally as "water children." ...

Also suspected of making a packet out of aborted fetuses are uglier elements of the beauty business, according to Tokudane Saizensen.

Placenta beauty treatments are hot in Japan for their purported beneficial effects in combating the effects of aging and menopause.

I won't even quote the worst parts of the article, it's just too disturbing. Is this the future of America envisioned by abortion "rights" activists?



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