This is the kind of stuff that reminds me why I don't like animals.

Tyler's friend, Ian Carmichael, heard screams, rushed from his apartment and jumped on the dog's back. He tried pulling Tango off by its collar. At the same time, Nathan Lezniewicz, ran to the scene with a machete and kitchen knives.

The men furiously stabbed the dog while its teeth were clenched on Tyler's arm, Maynard said.

The dog, bloodied and with a knife in its torso, released Tyler's arm and ran up to the third floor. But it immediately came back downstairs, cornered Troup and bit his arm.

People who keep animals that are capable of harming humans should be fully responsible if their pet does harm a human. The owner of this dog should be punished exactly the same as if he'd attacked these boys himself.

And no, pets aren't the same as say, guns. Guns don't have to be constantly monitored to make sure they don't kill people, whereas animals do. Guns act predictably, whereas animals don't. If you carry a gun, lose it somewhere, and the the person who finds it then uses it to kill someone, well, you're an idiot but you shouldn't be criminally liable. If you walk your dog and it runs away and kills someone, you should be prosecuted for second degree murder.



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