Candace gives the award for most awkward come-ons to:


"So, yeah, I'm not very cool, but I'm a poet. I'm not very successful, really, or interesting, but by a poet's standards, I'm pretty successful, my friends are published by Penguin and stuff. Did I mention I'm a poet? I'll invite you to my next poetry thing, but I kinda need your number first. You know, if you want to hang out for a while, to at least decide if you think you might want to come home with me, despite the fact you have a boyfriend and all, you don't have to go home with your friends, but if not, that's okay, just make sure I get your number..."

The thing is that when most girls hear "poet", "musician", "artist", or "actor" they swoon. It's interesting to consider why that is, because most people in those professions are essentially unemployed. Seeking out such men wouldn't appear to be a winning strategy for a woman, and whether or not you think most people make wise choices you have to admit that it's unusual for a whole class of people to make similar bad decisions. So there must be a reason.

I speculate that because our society is so wealthy and we enjoy so much luxury without even realizing it, most women don't feel much of a need to find a successful man. Most men aren't specifically attracted to professionally successful women, and nowadays women are in a similar position. More women can provide comfortable lives for themselves, so it's less important to them to find a successful husband.

As for men, what do we get out of the new deal? Imaginary girlfriends and internet pornography. And an incentive to write poetry.



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