How can you tell when a Democratic Presidential would-be is doomed and struggling just to protect down-ticket candidates? Matthew Dowd gave three signs, and I'd like to add a fourth: the candidate brings on Jesse Jackson and his "passion for justice".

Rev. Jesse Jackson has joined the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as senior adviser.

Jackson will serve as a campaign spokesperson by participating in events and rallies in key battleground states to "energize" voters. ...

"For over forty years, Jesse Jackson has brought his commitment to equality, opportunity and progress to our most vulnerable citizens," said Kerry.

"His passion for justice is second to none. John Edwards and I are proud to have him as part of this campaign and we look forward to the weeks ahead as we travel the country together with a message of hope for all Americans," Kerry added.

Mr. Jackson is such a polarizing figure that he can only end up hurting Kerry's chances if he's displayed much publically, but he can be effective in certain select areas to bolster down-ticket Democrats. Supposedly. The thing is, even some blacks are disillusioned with their race's self-proclaimed spokesman.
A group of African-Americans protestors gathered outside the Sheraton hotel in downtown Chicago Monday to protest Jesse Jackson during his 32nd annual Rainbow/PUSH conference.

Protestor Willie Ellis said he wanted to tell America, "Open your eyes: Jesse Jackson is for Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson only.

"He stole from the people long enough. It's time the people know the true man Jesse Jackson is. He has rode on black peoples' coattails long enough," Ellis told ...

The protestors held signs reading "IRS Do Your Job: Investigate Jesse's Family";
"Jesse if you want to be a leader go and get yourself elected"; and "Jesse: With leaders like you who needs enemies?"

Protestor Harold Davis said Jackson "is a shakedown artist and nobody holds him accountable."

I know Mr. Jackson has a passion for something that starts with a "j", but it isn't "justice".



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