I'm not a lawyer -- though I play one on TV -- but Dana Easter, the DA who was until recently prosecuting Kobe Bryant for rape, has made what I consider to be inappropriate comments.

A prosecutor in the Kobe Bryant (search) case said there was solid evidence that the NBA star raped his 20-year-old accuser, but officials were forced to drop charges after the woman grew "physically ill" from stress and pulled out of the case. ...

Had the case gone to trial, Easter said, prosecutors could have proved the woman had been raped based on her "battering ram" injuries, Bryant's statement to investigators and the statements of three people who saw her after the alleged assault.

"It was a physically violent assault. It was a very degrading assault. It was clearly perpetrated by someone who thought he was entitled," said Easter. ...

"We really believed in her and we still do. I can't emphasize that enough," Easter said.

It may very well be that Bryant raped this unnamed woman, but it's highly inappropriate for the DA to attempt to punish him through these announcements using alleged facts that haven't been proven to any jury. That's what courts are for, and if the DA couldn't prosecute and win then using her position to publicly denounce Bryant is a perversion of justice.



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