I could spend all day posting ridiculous stuff from Democratic Underground... how about this? God and pot don't mix.

I was born into and raised by a blue-collar Lutheran family. My father was a union heavy-equipment operator(mostly cranes), and my mother worked part-time at the local library.born in 1961I was the second, by 4 years, of two children...the little brother to my big sister growing up in a far northwest suburb of chicago. we both attended the parochial elementary school attatched to our church, in which our family was fairly active.
I was a believer. all the way thru my teens, active in the youth league, and attending the new Lutheran High School in the Fox Valley.

Looking back, it was about the same time that i discovered pot(which i enjoy to this to day) that it all stopped "making sense", and i really began to question, and ultimately lose my faith.



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