James Taranto points to a typically ludicrous Democratic Underground forum that casts the War on Terror as a city vs. country us/them squabble. I apologize for the atrocious spelling, grammar, and formatting, but I'm quoting verbatim.

Since tomorrow is the anniversary of the "excuse" the cowboy uses to attack anybody he wants to. I'm bracing myself for the ongoing images of people in small red state towns exploiting the victims of 9/11.
CNN is already showing people in small town Texas CRYING over New York City's loses. Well, you know what. You never liked New Yorkers. You hated New Yorkers remember. If you really cared about the victims of 9/11 you would vote for John Kerry because that's the only thing they want you to do. But NO! Instead you brought the Bush bastard's convention to ground Zero and thought NYC would be glad to see you.
Instead of getting flowers and candy you got protesters, a half a million of them that said. GO HOME. Do you remember the Evita song...
Let's get this straight, Dirtsville, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN TO YOU and it never will because no self respecting terra-rist would ever attack something so unimportant. It would be like the USA attacking Goatsgrave Yemen. It's never going to happen.
The bottom line is, you don't care about NYC or the pain, all you care about is getting Boosh re-elected and fighting a Holy pissing contest with the darkie Muslims. All in the name of Jesus which you're sure is coming back the day after tomorrow.
Nobody needs this shit, especially the people of NYC who still watch airplanes when they fly overhead. The people in big cities are in more danger than ever thanks to the cowboy's invasion of Iraq. But that's something the good people of Dirtsville don't have to worry about.
So take your flags, your prayers, your rodeos and your country music and stick it. You're waging war because you want too, because you like it and you're not fooling anybody. You're only happy when you have an enemy, if it wasn't 9/11 it would be something else. Like "libruls". At least have the decency to admit that.
Put on your public grieving shows tomorrow because you already have them planned but spare us the DRAMA next year. It didn't happen to you. Get over it.
Maybe I just haven't noticed, but although the conflict between urban and rural goes back thousands of years (see the origin of "pagan") I was under the impression that for most modern Americans there wasn't much of an issue. Sure, we city-dwellers joke about the fly-over states and such, but it's just good-natured kidding. The idea that country rubes can't comprehend 9/11 because they don't live in a city strikes me as absurd. I know the left is fond of creating and instigating group-based politics, but I doubt this particular incarnation will take hold.

After all, who sent thousands of firefighters, police, and rescue workers to New York in September, 2001? Who sent blood and food and money? Who sent prayers and love and letters of sympathy? All of America, from sea to shining sea. Despite the disgusting, self-indulgent rambling of this one librul, I suspect most New Yorkers and most Americans know that although we may disagree on (important) matters of policy, we're still one United States.



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