Apparently the only debate surrouding abortion these days is that it costs too much.

"Vera Drake," Mike Leigh's tough tale of a working-class mother who is caught performing illegal abortions in 1950s England, scooped up the prizes at the Venice Film Festival Saturday, including the coveted Golden Lion.

Its star, acclaimed British stage and film actress Imelda Staunton, also won the best actress award for her portrayal of a back-street abortionist who acts not for financial gain but out of concern for girls and women in trouble. ...

The film raises difficult questions about abortion in a world where the wealthy have access to discreet and legal abortions and the poor throw themselves on the mercy of practitioners like Drake.

"The audience must walk away with a debate and struggle with it. These things are not black and white," Leigh said.

No word yet on whether babies prefer "discreet and legal" or "back-street".



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