I just saw something strange, something that I've never seen before. A flatbed tow truck with a Porsche in a red zone -- at first I figured the car was being towed away, but as I watched for a few minutes it became obvious that the tow truck driver was unloading the Porsche into the street. The owner of the Porsche was nowhere to be seen.

I asked the driver what he was doing and he said, "I'm just doing my job." I pointed out that he was unloading the car into a red zone, and he said, "Yeah." Which pretty much ended the conversation.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? There wasn't anyone else around within 100 feet, and certainly no one who looked interested in the condition of his $100k sports car. I didn't see the truck drive up with the Porsche loaded, so it's possible that the driver loaded the car and then decided to unload it rather than take it away, but that's not the impression I got from what I observed.

It felt like something the Discordians would be involved with.



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