I just saw Spider-Man 2 and thought it was pretty good. I'm not a big Dopey Maguire fan, but I love just about everyone else involved with the movie. Sam Raimi is awesome and I'm glad he's doing such major pictures now. The various Evil Dead flicks were fantastic, but they never got him the attention he deserved. Spider-Man has given him a chance to shine like a CG fusion reaction.

I've adored Kirsten Dunst since Interview with the Vampire (the book is even better, and I always see her as Claudia in my mind), but she's only decent in SM2. Her character is pretty shallow it seems like, but at least she tries to be useful. Points for that.

Danny Elfman's soundtrack is good, but not as memorable as some of his other work (like Beetle Juice -- but then what soundtrack can compare to that?).

Alfred Molina was a great Doctor Octopus, and all the Doc Ock effects were well done. The fusion sequences were fun to watch, even if the writers obviously know very little about actual fusion. Additionally, I'm familiar with the type of engineering effort that's required for a project of that magnitude, and the idea that Ock could rebuild his ravaged machinery in a week is absurd. Plus, artificially intelligent robotic arms that take over your brain? Those alone would in a Nobel Prize, screw fusion. Anyway, he was a fun character. I'm not particularly looking forward to the apparent villain being set up for the third movie, but oh well.

And finally, any movie with Bruce Campbell is automatically good, because he's totally rad. I can't believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart.

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