I like riddles, but most books of riddles are totally lame. What's with that? That's a riddle we may never solve!

Ha, anyway, here are five riddles I thought up this morning while I was running. They may not be great, but they're better than 99% of riddles I've ever read. The first one to email me the correct answers will win something fantastic. If no one gets all five, then the first submission with four correct answers will win, and so forth. The prize will be a free Blog Ad, a guest post, a permalink, or some other blog-related item of your choice.

Please don't post the answers in the comments! But if you've got any good riddles of your own, let's hear 'em.

I grow taller day by day,
But every week my height's the same.

You hold me and I hold your life;
It runs from me and runs into you.

When you pass over me, I go "bump",
Not up then down, but down then up.

Two go in and one comes out;
If two are one, then one, else none.

I see you but you can't see me,
Yet you consume my sight for free.
My many words will never die,
But every word I say's a lie.



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