[Insert obligatory Independence Day post here.]

Sorry, I'm too busy celebrating to write a long and involved post. Everyone knows how great America is, so why do I have to say it?

Speaking of independence, I'm glad I don't live in Sweden! According to commenter "GLA radar service":

in SWEDEN where i live, you can`t even so much as whisper GUN and the will take you into custody
ASAP. here the agenda is almost totaly forfilled
the population has systematicaly been reduced to
totaly pacified obidient non thinking slaves,,
opening their mouths to be feeded whatever the system wants to feed them. and if you utter the word self defence here,, they look at you with zombie like eyes like you come from another planet. you can not undwer any circumstances or situations Harm an intruder/violator/ etc. not even if you find your doughter being brutaly raped with an chainsaw by a stranger/burglerer in your own house,, DO NOT EVEN DARE ! to "bend" a tiny tiny hair on his head.or you will suffer DIRE consequenses. its basicaly a One party system in the country and has been for 50 years,,nothing will change,, the inhabitants will is totaly broken, the goverment ( soon to be EU) can legislate whatever law they wants, objections is unheard of, as i said,,,, everything is going smoothly acording to the agenda,, its only the microchips in our heads missing.

sometimes,, it feels the Americans are the last free people left on this planet =O .

God bless America!

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