This may not really be a surprise to anyone, but Bill Clinton doesn't understand that even though the government isn't forcing him to give (as much of) his money to poor people, he could still decide to do it for himself.

Clinton accused the GOP and Bush of caring only about the wealthiest Americans to the exclusion of everyone else. ...

"They are paying for my tax cut by kicking 300,000 poor kids out of their after-school program," he added.

Clinton also accused the administration of cutting U.S. aid to a school lunch program in the developing world so that wealthy Americans like himself could buy more luxury items.

Mr. Clinton can buy more luxury items if he wants to, or he can donate some of his wealth to less fortunate people, either by contributing to after-school programs here in America or to school lunch programs in the developing world.
"Last year they cut that program to $50-million dollars from $300-million dollars to protect my tax cut," Clinton said. "Hundreds of thousands of kids aren't getting food in school so I can, you know, buy another watch. I am telling you, that's what the deal is," he added.
No, Mr. Clinton, it's so you can have the choice between buying another watch or helping people you want to help. Leftists are big on choice right? So why is it that in this case you don't seem to understand it or appreciate it?
Clinton said that as a wealthy man, he would be happy to pay more in taxes to fund programs he feels are vital to the nation.

"I like saying this now - 'cause I literally -- I didn't have any money ever. I had the lowest net worth of any modern president when I went in office and then they bankrupted me when I left, and I didn't care, 'cause I wasn't in it for the money anyway," he said.

"Let me tell you something -- people like me -- it's a privilege to live in this country and if you are lucky to have something, you ought to give something back, so that all the kids can get educated."

Then do it. Nothing is stopping you, Mr. Clinton, from giving some or all of your money to charity. But don't get the government involved in taking money from other people just because you feel guilty about being "too rich". Many of us -- who would be deeply affected by your propsed tax policies -- don't have that same problem.



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